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Client Testimonials


"Peterson Cleaning is far superior from what we have used in the past. It's been many years since I have used a contract cleaning company and when we did we had terrible service. It was expensive and they stole from our company not only labor hours but actual items from our facility. It was like a breath of fresh air to hire Peterson Cleaning, after about a month when I realized that I had to almost do nothing but just let them do what they do best…Clean!"

Building Maintenance Supervisor
Woodward Inc.

"Great Customer Service!"

Materials Procurement Specialist
Madison-Kipp Corporation

"Anything I ask is done immediately, and to my satisfaction. Peterson Cleaning sees what needs to be done and takes care of it."

Contract Representative
Williams-Manny Inc.

"I like that no matter what I call about Peterson Cleaning can take care of me and my requests. Before Peterson Cleaning we always had our own cleaning staff in-house. We decided to outsource our cleaning and the crew does a fantastic job."

Facilities Manager
Crusader Community Health

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