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Coronavirus Cleaning


What types of Covid 19 / Corona Virus Disinfecting Services does Peterson Cleaning offer?

1. We offer both the electrostatic and pressure tank spraying of facilities using hospital grade disinfectant designed to kill the Covid 19 virus.

2. Our crews will come into your facility and will work room to room, area to area, spraying disinfectant on walls, floors, furniture, surfaces, hand contact points, etc. leaving a mist of virus killing solution. As the mist dries it eradicates any virus or bacteria that it comes in contact with.

3. Once areas have been treated they are ready to re-occupy as soon as the disinfectant solution dries. Often in as little as 30 minutes.

Why should we consider having our facility disinfected after a known Covid 19/ Corona Virus outbreak?

1. An untreated outbreak in a facility can rapidly spread between employees can result in having your business shut down and your employees sickened.

2. A quick disinfectant spray procedure can stop the spread of the virus in it's tracks. Once the ill employees have been sent home and a spray completed businesses can be re-occupied safely in as little as 30 minutes.

3. Our disinfecting spray process give peace of mind to employees and shows them that employers are concerned and proactive in resisting the spread of the virus.

4. Peterson Cleaning realizes that this type of is time sensitive and we have crews available at short notice to keep your facility up and running.

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