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Advanced cleaning and disinfectant services to combat pathogens.

Peace of mind, even in uncertain times

During these times of uncertainty, we provide you with the peace of mind that your janitorial provider is doing everything possible to keep you, your employees, and visitors safe from COVID-19, other viruses, and any potential liabilities associated with them.


Rest easy with Kleen-Protect   designed to eliminate viruses, now available to new Peterson customers or as an add-on for existing customers. Kleen-Protect  , which includes components such as more frequent cleaning, high-detail touchpoint cleaning, traffic and touchpoint audits, and, of course, disinfectant solutions using the latest technology and chemical solutions.



3 Steps to Certainty

Step 1


Our team of experts assesses your entire facility to  identify key areas of concern. This custom audit provides you with a full understanding of where we can make the biggest preventative impact today, protecting you, your tenants, and visitors today.  

Step 2

Customized Pathogen Prevention Program™ (P3)

Based on the data extracted from your TouchPoint Audit, we customize a data-driven Pathogen Prevention Program™ (P3) specifically for your needs. This program clearly outlines the necessary steps, processes, and solutions so you can communicate to stakeholders how you are combatting COVID-19 and other viruses.

Step 3

Increased Cleaning Frequency, Chemical, and

Tech Solutions

Based on the directives produced in your Pathogen Prevention Program, we use the right solutions to get the job done, whether it be increased cleaning frequency, EPA-registered disinfectants, or UV light technologies. And, in the case of suspected or confirmed cases of COVID-19 at your facility, we provide the additional services and solutions needed for a deep clean to help shield you from pathogens in the future.  

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